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Every year, a large number of highly trained and intelligent people emigrate from developing countries to find better education, job and business opportunities in mostly developed countries. In many cases, the emigrating professionals stay overseas for a long time and even forever. Specialists call this phenomenon as brain drain. Most of these migrant professionals have challenge with themselves how they can support their home countries without moving back and loosing their careers.

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Session 1

Brain drain – Challenge or Chance?When  individuals  with  technical  skills  or  knowledge  decide  to ...


Session 2

The role of Diaspora in development of  (higher) education  –  How  can  the  Iranian  diaspora ...


Session 3

Diaspora, Entrepreneurship  –  From brain drain to  brain  gain:  What  can  be  the  role  of  Iranian ...

About Us

Brain-Re-Gain g UG is a non-profit social enterprise, which dedicates itself to the topic of highly skilled diaspora, their potential, their proper integration in the labor markets and the ways they can contribute to sustainable development, know-how and technology transfer as well as innovation in their countries of origin.

ISA, “Iranian Students Association e.V.”, was established in 2009 in Aachen. Main members are students from RWTH and FH Aachen. ISA is a non-profit and non-political association.